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Registered Professionals

All professionals performing sewage or plumbing work are required by the Ohio Revised Code/Administrative Code to be registered with the local health district where they are working.  The individuals listed here are the ONLY professionals registered with the Butler County Health District.
We advise the public to USE ONLY REGISTERED OR LICENSED PROFESSIONALS to do sewage or plumbing work. The public is advised NOT to use persons if they are not listed here. If you have a question about someone who may have registered after publication of this list, please call our office and ask about their registration status (513-863-1770). Persons performing plumbing or sewage work in Butler County while unregistered will be turned over to the Prosecutor's Office for further action.
If you know of persons performing work in Butler County who are not registered, please file a complaint with us! Your complaint can be made anonymously, but please provide enough information, including a date when the work was done, and a location, so that we can provide follow-up. You may file a complaint in writing by clicking on the Contact Us link on our web site: http://health.bcohio.us/contact_us/index.php , or by sending an email to BOH@butlercountyohio.org, or by letter. We are unable to take complaints by phone.
Thank you for your assistance in keeping the people of Butler County healthy!

Last Updated 10/04/2018

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