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Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness Division is tasked with preparing Public Health, its partners and the community to respond to adverse events that affect the public's health in our community. The Health District maintains plans and policies to address public health events.

Community Information on Preparing for Extreme Rain, Snow and Flooding:

What is Personal Health Preparedness?

Personal health preparedness is about having the wherewithal to care for and protect your health and wellness in the immediate aftermath of an emergency or disaster. That means having the supplies, skill, and self-confidence to bounce back from a difficult or life-changing event like a natural disaster. Large-scale events, like hurricanes, can cause widespread destruction and long-lasting power outages, disrupt supply chains, and strain public health and health care systems.

When access to resources and the availability of services is limited, it is important to have an emergency supplies kit that includes items from the following categories:

Butler County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Unit

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The Butler County MRC Unit is a member of the Tristate Medical Reserve Corps. Volunteers are an important piece of the Butler County General Health Distrit's Emergency Preparedness program. To learn more information, or to sign up and volunteer, please visit https://www.ohioresponds.odh.ohio.gov/index.php

Instructions to sign up for the MRC 
1. Visit the MRC website
2. Follow registration steps
3. Select which county MRC they’d like to volunteer with
4. Wait for email confirmation of volunteer approval 


Situational Awareness
CDC's List of Current Outbreaks and Incidents
Federal Emergency Management Agency Website
Butler County Emergency Management Agency Website

Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Program:
Ohio Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program Fact Sheet